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Europe's most imaginative nativity world
Museum in South Tyrol
A Magical World to Marvel At

Maranatha Folk Art & Nativity Museum

Enjoy a spectacular walk through the mystical world of nativities. The trail leads from the Tyrolean folk nativity to ancient oriental group scenes, and on to modern artistic representations.

Enjoy life-sized wooden figures and highlights of traditional carving and craftsmanship, accompanied by atmospheric lighting and sound games.

Fascination of Artistic Craftsmanship


The Maranatha Folk Art & Nativity Museum houses not only a Mask Exhibition and a Modern Art Gallery but also a Carving Workshop and a large Souvenir Shop:

  • Over 1,500 m² of exhibition space on two floors with nativity artworks from various countries.
  • Custom carvings: Carvings of all kinds made to order.
  • Personalized art objects: Creation of personal artworks according to your specifications.
  • Nativity scene rentals during the Advent season.
  • Souvenir shop on 140 m²: Discover unique and special products. We also gladly create custom gifts according to your specifications.

Visitor Voices

The wonder of our young and old visitors always fills us with joy and gratitude. Their feedback motivates us to make the Maranatha Folk Art & Nativity Museum a magical place full of discoveries and beautiful memories.
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